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Samsung makes breakthrough to double its smartphone battery life

As we known, the smartphone runs out its battery very quickly. It is said that this situation will be changed as Samsung research team made breakthrough to support its longer battery life. The woes of short battery life will be history for smartphone soon.

According to the report by Business Korea, Samsung company implies that the new breakthrough will extend the battery life to double without increasing the battery size.

It is said that the new batteries are made of graphene-coated silicon, such kind of material can store more energy in comparison to the current graphite power cells.

With this new technology, the users don’t have to charge their smartphone each night. They would just recharge their smartphone every other night. It is said that this new technology will be applied to other devices when available.

Even though this new breakthrough is inspiring, the new batteries won’t be released on the market in two or three years. We still need to keep waiting.

The company is also working on the latest Samsung smartphones to extend battery life. The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge contained software features for extending battery life that set with an Ultra Power Saving mode with grayscale visuals.

Audi will provide tech support for lunar rover project


The public will be soon seen the Audi-powered vehicle traveling across the the surface of the moon due the car maker provide help to a group of scientists for developing a lunar rover.

The automaker provide tech support in four-wheel drive, lightweight, construction, electric mobility and piloted driving to the scientists to help them finish the lunar rover project.

This scientists group is known as Part-Time scientists. They participate in Google’s Lunar Xprize project that challenges the participants to make the low-cost methods to land in the moon.

Google will award $30 million to the first team who delivers a rover to the moon with driving 500 meters and sending back the HD video footage to the Earth.

Audi marketing chief Luca de Meo said : “it is amazed for the idea to finance privately to the moon”.

“What is more, the innovative ideas needs to be promoted by the supports. We hope to send a signal with our cooperation with the part-time scientists and encourage other partners to give their support with professional knowledge.”

The Audi-backed team will be launching its rover in 2017. The scientists will compete with 15 other teams from all over the world to win the prize.

BBC provides standalone Newsbeat app for young adults


The BBC lunched a standalone Newsbeat service for the young adults. Therefore it has its own mobile app for iOS and Android now.

Newsbeat is a new service targeted at young adults which provides standalone application and makes and shows its content suitable with mobile format for the users.

The new app comes with three feeds as Latest, Popular and Topics. And it displays articles as if a card layout along with amazing photos.

Young adults like to surf the internet more frequently in comparison with elder peoples. It seems they look at the mobile screen all the time. Aging from 16 to 24 years old adults are BBC’s target users for Newsbeat. The young adults at this age want to read more entertainment news, interviews and topics comes with social media than other age groups.

The users can cache the whole day’s news by using Newsbeat for iOS and Android which allows users to read the news even though they are offline at their leisure time. In many cases, users can not read news if there is no access to the internet.

The users can download the Newsbeat as a free version from the Google Play and the App Store now.

Microsoft Band will get double customers soon with a golfing watch feature

Some critics may think that the Microsoft Band is not so popular wearable. Recently, it made a latest update and it indicated Microsoft Band will make fitness tracker of choice for golf players.


Microsoft has teamed up with TalorMade to work on a new update to Microsoft device that will help the company to earn double customers as a customized gofling watch.

Microsoft Band it is said to be an ambitious wearable with updated potential. The updated Band will allows the golf players to detect where the hole is on the course by using GPS and it also helps the players to estimate the distance from the holes. The Band can also record the players score after analyze their swing.

The Microsoft Health App will be updated as well by recording the data concerning each round of golf. And TaylorMade’s myRoundPro will be also updated the data as Band will do.

Microsoft recently introduce the Band to the third party publishers with the latest software kit’s launching, which will provide more sales distribution channels for the Band.

At the same time, there are reports showing that Microsoft is working on a second-generation version of the wearable device in compliance with the announcement of Windows 10.


Apple Watch store collections are available, but customers still have to order online

The Apple Watch customers can buy watches from the local Apple Store, before getting the watches the customers still need to place the orders online to buy the wearable.

The Apple Watch stores are available in UK, Germany, France, US, Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong and Japan now. The local customers can order their trials online first and go to the local store and pick up their watches in person.

Apple Watches are seen on display during an Apple media event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, California on March 09, 2015. AFP PHOTO / JOSH EDELSON

This way is easier to get the watch than the previous system. The customers are required to book a try-on appointment before finishing their order online. Now the watch is in the market. The customers can get the watches as they order online as long as there are stores available at the local place.

Stock of each Apple Watch model is different between stores. Basically, the customers will be accessed to collect the watches a few minutes later as the order has been submit.

During the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple announced there would be dozens of new features for the Watch. Those new features are including support for native apps and more extensive Siri functionality.

These features will be announced with more details in the fall when watchOS 2 is made as a free update.

Driverless cars get approved for testing in British cities

Driverrless cars will be tested as new code of practise that has been approved for autonomous vehicl trials on Britian’s roads. The lcoal people can witness this breakthrough then.

It has been reported by The Telegraph that the M1 vehicles will be testing around Greenwich in south-east London Coventry andMilton Keynes.

The government-backed Autodrive Consortium draw up the code of practice for MI vehicles, and it has drawn up for Ford, Jaguar, Tata and Innovate UK as well.


This test will offer a real experience for the research into the world’s first autonomous public transport networks, and it will be able to test driverless buss and the pod-like LUTZ Pathfinder vehicles along pavements as well.

Tim Armitage, project leader ast Autodrive Consortium said: “they are adjusting the trails technically and cooperating with the government to make sure the legistlation in accordance with waht technologies need to do for improving new world facility.”

He added: “ we are now mainly engaging to do some acceptance researches globally in the UK to collect public opinions around driverless technologies, and we will follow up how the date changes over the three years of our project.

Strict rules will be carried out on the driverless cars during the trials, as the all the test vehicles will be equipped with manual controls and a human driver to guide in case of anything goin wrong.

It was confirmed by Google company that it will be trialling the driverless cars on the US roads this summer. For further information, please keep close attention to related driverless cars‘ news.

Facebook gets new Moments app to share photos with friends

It is obviously that you will take lots of photos with family and friends when you get together for meetings or family reunions. However, you may not have chance to see the photos at all.

Facebook has launched a new partner app called Moments to solve this problem. This app helps the users to share the photos with those pictured privately by using the facial recognition technology.


The recognition technology uses the similar solutions as suggested tags did on Facebook. This recognition technology tracks familiar faces and sync photos to them by going through the camera roll.

Facebook explained that the users can privately sync the photos quickly and easily with specific friends, and it allows the users the choose their friends’ photos with them as well. From now on, the users can get all the photos they took during the friends meetings or family reunions on Facebook.

In that way, the photos will be applied to that person’s own synced collections if they use this Moments. If the users don’t have the Moment in application, they will get a note from Facebook Messenger to for its confirmation.

This app was said to be launched last September while it is only available on June 15,2015 for iOS and Android in the United Sates for trial. This app will be available to more countries in the near future.

Twitter is working on developers for Direct Messagers 10,000 character limit expansion


To increase the upcoming Direct Messages Character count, Twitter works harder to prepare developeers for its improvement.

As announced, the rollout of the new 10,000 character cap will be able to use some time in July, and Twitter has stated the guidlines for its developers about the application.

The Twitter company stated in a blog post that the staff have introduced some recommendations to ensure the users to handle longer messages of all the applications and services before they flip the switch in order to make the change as perfect as possible.

Even though Twitter has introduced some new API additions for developers, it also claims that the API addtions won’t be available to send longer DMS until the developers actual made.

The Twitter added, they will update this post in the following weeks to introduce more directions on how to test these improvements and they will also announce a more specific date of launch. The Twitter comapny stressed the limit increase will only use to Direct Messages and not tweets again.

The networking site has made several improvements recently, the introduction of landscape viedoe recording on iOS and Android are included to make possiblity for users to share the block lists.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo has been confirmed to step down from his role after 5 years in an important company management shake-up.

iOS9 will allow Safari users block annoying ads


The iPhone users may experience that ads come when they search the internet or watch online entertaiments. It will be soon that they won’t have to stand with the annoying online ads any longer as the iOS 9 system will support a function that the iPhone users could block the ads while searching online.

Confirmed by 9to5Mac, the phone’s Safari web browser is made to support ad blockers such as its desktop counterpart when the update has landed.

So far, the users do not know which specific ad blocker will be compatible with the moblie version of Safari as there is no official announcement from Apply yet. Let alone to mention the feature when showcasing iOS9 at Worldwide Developers Conference.

It may prove controversial by allowing iPhone users to block ads as many of the internet’s biggest website make profit by advertising revenue.

There are some services are not clear whether they will be blocked on iOS 9. For example, Adblock with a white list of content that is ok with the filter. It may not be blocked.

iOS 9, which is fully in the charge of developers. It will come to public beta next month. While the iPhone users will be able to use it as a free upgrade in the autumn.

Customers of Barclays maybe unable to use Apple Pay transactions at launch

It is reported that Barclays company has not agreed terms with Apple concerning Apple Pay transactions. So its customers could not be able to use Apple Pay when it comes to UK in July.

It is confirmed that the Barclays is working on negotiated talks with iPhone maker to establish the service and discuss how the service will work as well as its own offerings.

Barclays stated its situation on Twitter: “we would like to tell you that we have been negotiating with Apple in terms of how our customers us Apply Pay besides our existing mobile and payment services. Our talks with Apple are still constructive.” It seems there will be more negotiations between two companies.

As the major UK bank, Barclays is the only one that has not signed up with Apple Pay. The others banks has signed up and are going to support Apple Pay at launch which includes First Direct, HSBC, NatWest, Nationalwide BUILDING Society, Royal Bank of Scotland, Santander, and Ulster Bank.

As for Bank of Scotland, Coutts, Halifax, Lloyds Bank, MBNA, M&S Bank and TSB Bank, they will jon the Apply Pay in the autumn.

Barclays and Apply did not reach an agreement in UK yet, but its sister company Barclaycard has offered Apple Pay in the US.