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Google photos let you store unlimited photos for free


Google photos is the new image and video hub, and it provides the users to store unlimited media for free from search giant. Google photos is available on May 28.

This app can be used on Android, iOS and web, and it backs up your camera-snapped images base on a resolution of 16 megapixels and video at 1080p provided. It allows you to view the compressed versions at very clear visual quality.

Its other features are Googlestyle search within the app, a full suite of integrated animation, movie, college options and historically organized images. It features are similar to Apple with iOS 8.

This app impresses the users for as it can auto–tag people, places and things within the snapshots available.

The images and videos are stored privately, unless the users choose to share, if so, you can make a web link multiple media in seconds and the lucky ones can copy the source to their their own library immediately.

Google photos was at a meeting of Google I/O keynote which is a part of the firm annual promotion for developers. It was told the details on Android M and Project Brillo due to a rundown of all the announcements.


Research from Ofcom indicate more than half of UK families have a tablet

uk tablet 1 uk tablet

There are more and more households in UK using tablets in recent years. It increased with a rapidly figure. The latest figure Ofcom shows more than half of the all households own a tablet.

The figure from the watchdog’s research indicate that 54 percent of British families now have a tablet device, which is normally an iPad or an Android slate.

For the age group from 35 to 54, they prefer iPad or Android slate most, and about two-thirds of them having one.

Ofcom’s statistics also point out there are 71% of children aged between 5 and 15 having access to a tablet, while having a device of their own accounts for one in three.

Those who use a tablet from age 3 to 4 account for one in ten. They usually get a child-friendly device from manufacturer like LeapFrog or VTech.

Kate Reeve, the Ofcom’s director of consumer research, pointing out that tablets will be a must device for millions of UK families in five years. We use them to read the latest news, watch out the favorite programs or tv series and make our kids happy.

Laptops still the most popular device for adults for internet browsing at home, there are 65 % British adults prefer internet browsing, while the mobile phones are increasing to 59%.

Apple and Google Attended a classified British Spy summit

google and apple 6

There was news reported that Apple, Google and Vodafone attended top classic meetings with spy chefs from seven countries last week. During the meetings, they discussed the consequences of Edward Snowden’s leaks.

The news confirmed by The Intercept that the executives from the firms argued privacy and security with the spy agents or chefs which are known as CIA, GCHQ or others agents from Australia, Canada, France, Germany and Sweden.

This three-day conference was organized by the Ditchley Foundation in an 18th- century building in Oxfordshire. Oxfordshire is a place famous for questions of mass surveillance a and intelligence operations since the summer of 2013 as Snowden’s whistleblowing activities.

Duncan Campbell was one of the a select number of investigative reporter to the conference, and he said, it surprised the attendees, there was agreement leading different opinions to Snowden that love him or hate him, had changed the landscape. It leads the problems become transparency, and this change providing more information about intelligence events privacy. The consequences of Snowden let us aware of privacy issues.

A programme for the event indicated the types of questions that were set, like “ are we being misled by the term mass surveillance:, and “who should command the intrusive intelligence operations, for example the spy activities.

Snowden, the ex- CIA employee recently addressed at an interview on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver that he told us about his leaks of files including top secret information on surveillance programme.

He said he understood what he turned over. It may cause all-time bad effects. He insisted that there is difference between understanding what means in the documents and reading it.

The public and officials are afraid FBI’s misusing its license plate scanner data


The public concern that the surveillance of big brother is beyond phone calls’ and emails monitoring. The public is also being watched when they drive. They have to accept the reasons given when they were monitored by patrolling police and traffic cameras. They raise privacy concerns as they use the license plate scanners.

It is not the first time they raise those questions, however, according internal FBI documents that its action must be in accordance with American Civil Liberate Union. Even the officials who work in the Bureau doubted that if they are watched by the data.

What the public concerns most is that the automatically license plate readers can rapidly collect the data of the drivers in the area. It can trace the data fast and get fairly clear picture of drivers’ activities. It can record tens of thousands of people each time and write down what they are doing.

The FBI’s Video Surveillance Unit can check out the information quickly and locate the sites for crime investigation, but there is not much regulation stated about how the readers work. When they intended to spy the behavior of criminal suspects, there are lots of ways that FBI can check off the information from specific groups.

We have not idea what the specifics of license plate scanners, so we say little regulation. The data from ACLU-acquired documents that FBI stopped buying plate readers at present as the Office of General Counsel was against with LPR privacy issues.

Apple refreshed MacBook Pro with Force Touch and Advanced specs


The 15-inch MacBook Pro has been refreshed with Retina display for 2015 by Apple company.

The updated MacBook Pro comes with the Force Touch trackpad that connected with the new MacBook which makes haptic feedback and the possibility to register pressure.

The MacBook Pro with Retina assembled a specs boost and now add an AMD Radeon R9M380X graphics chip and it allows the MacBook runs 80% faster than the old fashion one.

“We are delighted to announce that we refresh the new Force Touch trackpad, faster flash storage and longer battery life to the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina,” said Philip Schiller, the Apply marketing Chief.

“The iMac with Retina 5K display is welcome by the customers. And now we offer with the new lower starting prices, there will be more people can experience the best desktop we have ever made.”

There are different prices customer based on how much they want to spend for this MacBook. There is statistics showing that the customers can get a 2.2 GHz quad-cord Intel Core i7, 16GB of RAM and 256 GB storage at 1,600 pounds. And it comes with an Intel Iris Pro graphical processor.

If your budget is around 2,000 pounds, then you could bring one home with the internals of 2.5GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 chip, 16GB of RAM, 512GB storage and Radeon R9M370X graphics.

Tim Cook gave an inspiring lecture to graduate students at The George Washington University

tim cook

The public is familiar with Apple CEO Tim Cook thanks to grand announcements, and we are not surprised by his commencement address at George Washington University on Sunday. Tim Cook shared his own life experience by relaying his message to the university’s latest graduates in order to encourage them to make great progress and take challenges.

Tim Cook said: “There are problems waiting for us to solve in many aspects .We need to take challenges no mater what you do next. The world needs the young generation to challenge. Don’t be afraid of risk.

Cook admitted that people are doubt with his points, cynicism has become a hallmark discussing by the millennial generation.

Cook gave his suggestion about doing the right thing and chasing dreams to the graduates: a healthy amount of skepticism is fine, while it is not when it happens too often. It will gradually turn to cynicism. You can retain other’s ideas and motives and then search hard to approve it if they are right. This is what the world we live in. To the graduates, you are young and ambitious. you can change this world for a bright future.

IPv6 will replace IPv4 soon in North America


A report came from The Wall Street Journal predicting that North America will run out of available IPv4 addresses by sometime this summer.

IPv4 addresses are the identification tag which are used by computers, smartphones, laptops, and servers to figure out the rest of the internet who they are and what they are connected to the Web for.

We had already found the problem a few years ago, this evidence came from the litany of articles published on the issue dating all the way back to 2011.

ICANN hands over last IPv4 blocks, World IPv6 Day will lead us a new steam.Many of major tech companies have been making change since the news came out for years ago. The outcome of this change did not go well because of the increased costs.

At present, even if they are in short supply and the cloud providers have no problem to pay upfront for IPv4 address about $11.25 to register. However, Amazon, Microsoft and Salesforce still have been working hard to avoid the upcoming problem.

IPv6 was firest approved in 1998 and it is popular in the consumer market, however, it will take some more time to see widespread adoption on the backend as consumers need to buy new routers, servers, and switch to accommodate the standard.

If possible IPv6 addresses run out eventually too? No one can give an exactly answer yet. Thanks to backup of engineers, its design accounted for IPv6, creating a 128- bit string of possible combinations compared to IPv4 32. It indicates that there will be 340 undecillion addresses support us for use of the next few years usage.

There is no fixed date when the coffer will run dry yet, anything could be happened.

First-ever Portable Bluetooth stereo speaker from Marshall


The Kilburn is aimed to be the brand’s first-ever portable Bluetooth stereo speaker, which is cooperated by Marshall Headphones and Marshall Amplification.

The new speaker has a stylish look and it seems like a roadie would be wheeling in and out of the rock concert venues. The Kilburn is made smaller, without wheels, coming instead with a leather strap to carry. It measures over 9.5 inches across and5.5 inches high, weighing at 6.6 pounds for a frame. It makes a new break through to ensure the users to enjoy music well

In addition, the speaker contains a4-inch subwoofer beside two three-quarters dome tweeters powered by a Class D amplifer. It provides Bluetooth function for streaming from a smartphone or other device. The speaker is with 3.5mm headphone jack for wired connections. It can be used for 20 hours of listening at 50 percent volume, so it is power-saving.

The strap of Kulburn shows Marshall’s gift for nostalgic design, which taking the example of the company’s seminal guitar and bass amps, coming with the fabric liner. As far as the sound quality concerned, Marshall stated in its press like this: “ Kulburn has excellent sound quality for midrange and highs when is played. The strap ensure you to have your for listening while leather grip enable relaxing and portable travel. ”

Marshall creates two colors for this new speaker: black and cream. If you are interested in it, you can check it for MarshallHeadphones for more information. This new speaker will be on the market soon.

BetterBack Device corrects you sit with perfect posture


If you spend much time in front of a computer screen in your working place. It is likely that your poster is stiff. There is no worry. You will be able to correct  this problem with SF-based designer Katherine Krug’s new invention- new-age ergonomic office chairs.

Krug and her team worked hard to invent a dubbed BetterBack device, which corrects you sit with perfect posture. It will be easy to use as it will come to the mass marketing.

There were other designs to make to help you to sit up straight on the market. Most of the devices you find on the market are replied on technology to solve the problem. They avail of sensors to detect when you become laid-back, and will produce sound or vibration to encourage you to sit up straight.

What is the difference from other devices? BetterBack just uses a set of simple, adjustable straps to keep your spine from bending instead of using wearable sensors to bother you throughout the day. It is free-electricity to use, and it won’t make annoying sounds when you become laid back. This device just hooks onto your knees and prevents you from laid back in the first place.

Krug has experimented for its function. And there are positive comments from the users. It may be your new favorite device to sit up straight. The project campaign attracts 14,000 backers of this device. You could catch up a special offer if you act fast. Please pay your close attention.



Things that you can do with on the innovated Apple Watch

1Force Touch is a brand-new gesture, one that takes some getting used to. Apple doesn’t explain the extra-hard press anywhere on the Apple Watch, so it’s easy to miss features tucked behind that firm press–and there are many.

Force Touch adds a new dimension to the watch’s user interface, a necessary one given the device’s small screen. The Retina display’s electrodes can sense when you’re tapping the screen to select an option and when you’re forcefully pressing down to bring up a secondary menu.

Apple calls Force Touch the “most significant new sensing capability since Multi-Touch,” the touchscreen tech that transformed the way we interact with phones (and everything else). Apple Watch and the trackpads on the new 12-inch MacBook and revamped 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro have the new Force Touch gesture baked in, and Apple is reportedly planning to add it to the next generation of iPhones. Continue reading